Regulation E Claims

Regulation E as implemented by the Electronic Funds Transfer Act is now over 40 years old. When it was written, the primary means of accessing an account were a preauthorized electronic withdrawal or an ATM card. Technology has evolved considerably in that time and today we use debit cards, person-to-person transfers via online or mobile banking, mobile apps and mobile wallets, tokenization, and a myriad of other payment methods. However, the regulatory language has not evolved along with the technological evolution. Add card network rules into the mix and financial institutions struggle to determine what transactions are considered covered errors under the regulation, how much and when a consumer can be held liable and how to investigate the various disputes consumers present.

In this fast-paced 90-minute session, we are going to consider the various types of Regulation E claims that cross your desk, paying particular attention to debit cards and the various ways they can be used to initiate electronic funds transfers. We will compare Regulation E requirements to the card brand rules which we are also contractually obligated to follow. We will also examine enforcement actions and regulatory guidance to help us navigate the challenging waters of the dispute process.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Compare Reg E covered transactions to V/MC covered transactions
  • Compare Reg E Liability to Zero Liability Requirements
  • Compare Reg E documentation requirements to V/MC Chargeback Requirements
  • Compare Reg E investigation timelines to V/MC Chargeback Process
  • Explore various Fraud Scenarios and highlight those that have recovery options
  • Case studies for several of the dispute types
  • Evaluate investigation options for the case studies

Attendees will receive written materials summarizing the key points of the session as well as handy charts to help identify which disputes Reg E covers. Written questions and answers will be provided following the live session.

 This webinar has been approved for 2.00 CRCM Credits

 Brian Crow  PRESENTER: Brian Crow

Brian’s passion for skill in protecting bank assets from fraud and compliance losses have earned him the nickname, “Security Evangelist.”In addition to developing and guiding the strategic vision for TCA, Brian delivers focused education support to clients and helps them manage TCA’s suite of consulting, audit, and training services.

He’s a national recognized expert on BSA/AML and deposit compliance and is a regular speaker at the annual BSA/AML Top Gun Conference.

As an education consultant for the Glia Group BOL Learning Connect program, Brian conducts webinars on topics such as VISA/Mastercard chargeback, debit card compliance and fraud prevention. For this work he was recognized as a Bankers Online Guru in 2011.

Brian characterizes his interests outside of compliance as “Bach to Spock.” Music has been a lifelong passion and he serves as organist and handbell director at King of Glory Lutheran Church in Elgin, Illinois. As a devoted Trekkie, he can hold his own with anyone in a Star Trek trivia match.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Deposit Compliance, Deposit Operations, Branch Administration, Security, Call Centers, Branch Staff and Training and Compliance Officers.

Date: October 14, 2021 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EST