Privacy Policy

Website Purpose:

The purpose of the Compliance Anchor® website is to provide you, the visitor, with information about Compliance Anchor® and its services. It is Compliance Anchor's® policy to take all reasonable precautions to protect the privacy of its customers and visitors.

Information Gathering:

  • Compliance Anchor®  does not gather information about visitors to its website.
  • Compliance Anchor® does not use "cookies" of any kind to gather information about website visitors.
  • Compliance Anchor®  does not track the IP address or e-mail address of website visitors. Nor does Compliance Anchor®  track information for those visitors who reach us via the e-mail link on our "Contact Us" webpage.

E-mail Usage:

Because e-mail is not a secure data transmission method, Compliance Anchor® requests that you do not transmit confidential information via our "Contact Us" page nor through regular e-mail channels.

At Your Own Risk Hyperlinks:

Compliance Anchor® provides hyperlinks to other non-affiliated companies through its website. Use of these hyperlinks is "At Your Own Risk" as further defined in the Disclaimer Section of this Privacy Policy Statement.


Use of the hyperlinks provided on the Compliance Anchor®  website are "At Your Own Risk." Compliance Anchor® , its Board of Directors, Officers, and Employees have not expressed any implied or direct warranty or guaranty for the linked website or company. As when visiting any website or area on the Internet, Compliance Anchor®  urges you to read the Privacy Policies of the hyperlinked websites and companies.